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Servant leadership

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“I have 30 units of completed coursework for a master's degree in organizational leadership from a fully-accredited four-year university. What I learned from the sixth-month Resolved Leadership Academy is the equivalent, if not better than, two-years of formal education on the same topic. The skills learned during that time made me a better employee but more importantly, a better person."

​resolved relationships

Leadership of, and for, others is based on the formation of trusted relationships. We cannot truly lead without developing a trusted relationship with each individual that we lead.

Servant Leadership can be learned. It just takes a desire to truly engage with people, a passion to create growth and the basic skills to influence and impact others. Resolved Leadership Solutions exists to coach and cultivate the innate abilities locked within each individual to foster a Servant Leadership environment in their surrounding areas, whether it is at work, home, church and/or a sports environment. We believe that true growth for all comes from a leadership culture that serves. 

Marketing Director

McKinney, Texas



Resolved action

Principles and relationships are critical components of leadership, but it is action that creates growth. We are not afforded the luxury in life to be a “good person” and to just have good relationships – we must take action and accomplish things to make a difference for those we serve.

resolved principles

Leadership of others, and of ourselves, starts with a grounding of our principles. Future success will be based on recognizing our personal character, who we are, and what we stand for, before we can lead other people.

Through high-impact consulting and formalized teaching, Resolved Leadership Solutions is focused on helping your organization exceed business objectives, delight clients and truly engage employees through a servant leadership structure and mindset shift. Developing lasting relationships, caring for and loving individuals and truly serving the needs of others is what defines Servant Leadership. At Resolved Leadership Solutions, we  provide tools and concepts to help teach your emerging leaders to look out farther than just the next task or project and focus on development of PRINCIPLES, RELATIONSHIPS and ACTIONS that can help create true employee engagement.