TO coach and cultivate the innate abilities locked within each individual to foster a servant leadership environment


Whether it be at work, at home, within a church and/or a sports environment, we believe that true growth for all comes from a leadership culture that serves.


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While leading organizations to record growth, Darin has also spent the last seven years developing and teaching a curriculum focused on Servant Leadership and how to engage employees and team members in true collaboration and trust, and put these concepts into practice. To Darin, these concepts are not just words, but a true passion and how he operates in each interaction, whether it be personal or professional.  This is the genesis of Resolved Leadership Solutions.

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"One of the most important ways to manifest integrity is to be loyal to those who are not present. In doing so, we build the trust of those who are present." -- Stephen Covey

Darin LeGrange

Founder & CEO

Darin is a passionate senior executive who truly cares about people and the pursuit of Servant Leadership in all aspects of his life. He believes in developing relationships based on integrity, honest and open communication, care and love for the individual, and showing, and cultivating, passion in interactions and delivery of world-class service in each encounter.

Darin’s career has spanned 29 years, all within the U.S. healthcare industry, with depth and breadth across multiple segments within the market. As a high energy executive, he has successfully led national and global technology and business process organizations spanning Fortune 50 healthcare divisions, through second-stage growth organizations and start-up software companies.

Capitalizing on the ever-changing healthcare market over the last two decades, Darin has passionately driven growth in companies by addressing the clinical and financial needs of hospitals and other provider organizations, national and regional health plans, and pharmaceutical/life science organizations. This has been done through services and solutions that help clients drive more efficient administrative processing, implement and optimize enterprise applications, improve cash flow and net revenues, and engage patients and members.

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