Servant leadership | employee engagement & awareness

Outside of class assignments
Lessons and assignments designed to focus attention on the application of concepts while also enabling the students to develop presentation and speaking skills​.


Senior Director

​San Diego, California



Fully interactive environment
Collaboration, debate and training to create awareness of the innate abilities in each individual and also to unlock these abilities for growth in leading and engaging teams around them.

“The Resolved Leadership Academy course provides beneficial insight for emerging leaders by examining the meaning of the term “Leadership”, from perspectives such as Authenticity, Integrity and Motivation, and provides a holistic approach to application through introspection and effective communication development. The program helped me fine-tune my understanding of Emotional Intelligence and forced a level of self-imposed introspection that has helped me broaden my influence both professionally and personally.”

What is
Leadership academy?


Broken into two modules focused on aspects of engaging employees as the foundation and providing business concept training, students will learn all aspects of a business model. Choose between the two modules or combine them for an integrated, end-to-end business leadership training experience. 


Vice President
​Lisle, Illinois

Servant leadership | planning for success

8-month, in-depth course
Classes structured for one full day per month  with  students fully immersed in the curriculum.

“Aside from teaching me very useful business concepts in a practical (day to day) scenario, the Resolved Leadership Academy provided a great opportunity to get to know other leaders of the company in a more casual and “outside my comfort zone” way. By the end of the program, I had built relationships that I will take with me regardless of what I do in the future. It also provided me with a “safe zone” where I was able to take more risks in front of a very experienced leaders; it was a sparring session with the best.”


Corporate Team Orientation
Designed for anyone who has direct or indirect influence in the organization or team surrounding them – does not have to be a formal manager. Classes are made up of people within a single organization to foster teamwork and relationships in the workplace.


*Resolved Leadership Solutions can help you determine the appropriate prospects for the program through our profile questionnaire.

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“Resolved Leadership Academy taught me that building authentic relationships is at the core of being a great leader. Everything else is an extension of that foundation. When I get to know the people I influence, I understand their strengths, their interests and their desires. When I let them get to know me, they develop a bond with me and it establishes trust. The loyalty to each other is what carries us through big projects, and unexpected situations. When my team knows that I care about them and their success, then it makes them care. They know that I serve them. That promotes a feeling of security that frees them to flourish. And when my team is thriving, I call that success.”



​Lisle, Illinois