In today’s work environment, the majority of managers only do what is absolutely necessary to drive people to achieve goals and increase production. Unfortunately, this model of corporate structure falls woefully short in many areas. It lacks the nurturing and care required to truly influence behavior and achieve a harmony that not only reaches people at a level they desire, but, we argue, that it is the ONLY way to achieve success. Our current leaders are too often ill-equipped to deal with what it means to lead or simply make decisions that impact themselves and others. Our very management model inadvertently creates process junkies and “pack-people” that are only focused on today’s issue and not about how to improve the work environment as a whole. 

Resolved Leadership Solutions believes that employee engagement and effective use of business planning are the most critical components for any organization today. Our consulting services are focused on private-equity, or venture-backed organizations, that are typically under $100m in revenue and looking for next stage growth. Many times stagnant growth is not about the product or service worthiness of the company itself; it is either a lack of leadership or lack of true engagement and purpose within the employee base. These fundamentals can be unlocked through the same principles that are found within the Leadership Academy for those companies that may not be ready for the in-depth training and simply want to identify ways to accelerate growth.

Consulting services

Organizational assessments
The foundation of a successful business starts with engaged employees providing service that delights the client. This is only possible with a leadership structure and team-oriented focus aligned to the client and their needs. Resolved Leadership can help assess these structures by identifying strengths and weaknesses of people as well as identifying areas for improvement using servant leadership as the baseline.

Information Technology (IT) assessment
Many organizations are not prepared for the rapid acceleration of technology in our society. Strategic and tactical IT planning are critical components of any business strategy and investments must prove their value over time. Resolved Leadership can help with a thorough analysis of how technology can enable the business objectives and become more than an operating cost.

Investment advisory services

Through the same lens that Resolved Leadership takes with its Leadership Academy, we are uniquely positioned to work with investment groups on analyzing and performing advisory services on potential companies. By basing our services on the very fundamentals that make a successful business operate, we can help look “deeper” into these organizations and assess their readiness for growth.

identify ways to accelerate growth