make a smart investment in your people and the future of your company

make an investment

in your people

  • Classes are organized around teams or people within an organization that work together
  • Classes are once per month (half or full day depending on the section)
  • Class sizes are 10-15 in size (optimal)
  • Pricing is done based on modules selected (1 or 2) and on a per student basis
  • Organizations that sign up for both modules up front (recommended) will receive a discount on the per student price
  • Per student pricing includes:
    • Complete module fulfillment with monthly sessions through the class 
    • Materials are provided at no extra charge
    • RLS instructor and facilitator travel is included in the per student pricing
  • Students are required to provide certain basics for the class – this is discussed up front and part of the contract
  • Attendance is mandatory and students are asked to sign a contract/commitment letter stating they will attend, participate and engage with the class