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Resolved Leadership Solutions believes that the foundation of a successful organization is based upon the engagement of employees and fostering a culture of purpose, learning, respect, and ultimately, love of the individual. We also recognize that emerging leaders and key people within these organizations need to understand the principles and fundamentals of a successful business and all of the components required to create business and client growth. Our second module in the course, which can be completed subsequent to the Employee Engagement and Awareness course or as a separate module altogether, is focused on these principles.

We strive to teach the student foundational elements of the business through a focus on business planning and what it means to create, manage and implement a business model that works and can be proven.

Planning for Success Course Outline

The Planning for Success course is the second module as part of the Resolved Leadership Academy series. Working in tandem with our Employee Engagement and Awareness module, this course focuses on the fundamentals of business planning and the components that make up any organization. The student will be immersed in a four-month course focused on the following topics, aimed at teaching and improving skills related to these areas and how they all contribute to growth:

Business Planning Concepts
Students will be taught the fundamentals of a business plan and what it entails. This includes real-world examples and instruction on how to create and prove a business model that encompasses all of the critical components of a successful business. At the end of the module, students will be required to work in teams to create a “mock” plan for a fictitious business. 

Sales and Marketing
As a fundamental component to business growth, the students will be instructed in the principles of a sales and marketing plan. This will include areas such as market sizing, client profiles, target markets, branding and lead generation strategies.


Administration: Human Resources and Finance

Outside of employee engagement, there are fundamental administrative needs of employees. The module attempts to train students on what goes into a human resources plan, including policy creation and management, compensation planning and dealing with employee issues in real-time. The module also teaches the basics of financial statements and the importance of all leaders understanding how decisions impact financial performance. 

Real-world experience
At the end of the course, the student will participate in a team-based project that is focused on the creation of a fictitious enterprise and developing an investment thesis and business plan for their business.