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Everyone is a leader to someone

Whether we are a parent, a coach, a business leader, or simply hold influence with someone, they are all connected. Leadership is a skill that we can all learn. This simple story can help.

What people are saying

“A must-read for anyone looking to redefine success and leadership in terms that resonate with the heart and soul.”

Dr. Julia Wiener, PhD
Learning & Development

“This book is not just a read; it can be a transformative journey for personal growth. It doesn't just provoke and encourage; it ignites a perspective shift that can change how you live.”

Larcel McGhee, PhD
Global Transformational Leadership

“A must-read for all leaders! The storytelling makes this an engaging read with so many insightful ways to invest in your people. When relationships thrive, growth explodes!”

Heather Haugen, PhD
Executive & University Professor

“Like baseball, business and leadership is a competitive game that requires practice and repetition. Having a Catch helps everyone be a better player, and also to be a better coach.”

Jeff Rich
CEO, Managing Partner

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Discover our dynamic Leadership Academy courses for employee growth or our professional business consulting, each powered by servant leadership. Explore the perfect fit for your business.

Leadership Academy:
Module I

Engagement & Success

Learn the fundamentals of servant leadership

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  • 6-8 month program
  • Interactive sessions
  • Build servant leaders
  • Develop presentation skills

Leadership Academy:
Module II

Planning for Success

How to create a business plan as a servant leader

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  • 4-month program
  • Team-based learning
  • Develop a business plan
  • Final proposal to board of investors

Advisory Services

Identifying Growth Potential

Advice for private-equity and venture-capital firms

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  • Servant leadership based
  • Employee engagement training
  • Investment advisory services
  • Organizational assessment
  • Stategic IT planning
  • Merger & acquisition integration support
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We have worked with many amazing individuals and companies

I have known Darin for ten years and worked with him in various capacities, both as a client and a partner. His understanding of the healthcare and IT markets, capacity to bring subject matter experts rapidly, knowledge of how to develop executable plans, and the ability to ensure that they are implemented in a quality fashion has proved extremely valuable in both capacities. I highly recommend Resolved Leadership to any executive team trying to extract value from their IT investment and instill a winning culture in their organization.

Ron Strachan
Founder, Optimize Health
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The Resolved Leadership Academy course provides beneficial insight for emerging leaders by examining the meaning of the term “Leadership”, from perspectives such as Authenticity, Integrity and Motivation, and provides a holistic approach to application through introspection and effective communication development. The program helped me fine-tune my understanding of Emotional Intelligence and forced a level of self-imposed introspection that has helped me broaden my influence both professionally and personally.

Tim Darnall
Vice President of Architecture, Evolent Health
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The course allowed me time for self-reflection so that I could recognize traits in myself. I now communicate more effectively, and rely on my strengths and on the strengths of others to drive success.

Molly Baerson
Senior Director, Training and Development, Evolent Health
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